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Charter Flights

Our pilots have the option to generate a Charter flight via our Dispatch Center and click on Dispatch Charter Flight.

Note: you can only depart from your current virtual location, your departure location will automatically be added to the flight plan.


This system uses our SimBiref integration tool, which will submit a flight plan through simbrief and will give you the option to pre-file via vatsim.

You just fill the * required fields and any additional fields you wish to fill then click on Dispatch Flight.

This will then open a SimBrief pop-up window showing the flight plan being generated, once it has been generated, the website will then redirect you to the generated plan as shown below.


Within this page shows all the information you need for your flight plan.

You can also download the Flight PDF, pre-file plan on Vatsim and more by clicking on the Actions button.


Then in our ACARS you just click on From Dispatch, this system also works the same when flying tours & events as well ad scheduled flights.