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Tours & Events

We run regular tours & events at Pacific Airways in which our pilots can participate in.

Pilots earn awards and additional XP in participating in them.

To join an event or tour, you can visit Events / Tours section of the crew center.


You can choose which area you would like to visits.

In this example we are going to join an event, click on Events then you can choose which event to join to bring up the event details.


Within the events information you will see the following:

  • Event details
  • Event Legs
  • Interest
  • Pilots Participating
  • Events Map

To participate in the event you click on the View / Book button and this will start the flight assignment procedure.

If the event / tour is marked with Legs Flown in Order = Yes then the legs must be flown in order.

If it is an event generally it will be Fly In / Out based on what the Dep & Arr shows, if they show Any this means anywhere.